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    1 Author(s):  PURNIMA SARKAR

Vol -  11, Issue- 7 ,         Page(s) : 18 - 26  (2020 ) DOI :


This is a report on the impact on Indian Economy due to the bank merger. The bank merger is the process by which two or more bank decides to come together and merge and work as a one -bank. This study aims to examine the data collected on economy pre and post bank merger and there impacts. This report highlights the overall performance of Bandhan Bank and Gruh Finance. It also focuses on the risk of failure and solving problems which may occur in the future. Some of the objectives of the project were to know more about how the bank merger will improve the efficiency of operations, increase economies of scale, better management of risk, benefits of bank merger to the customers and many more. The methodologies which were used are - data collection, data analysis and interpretation, pre-performance and post-performance of the bank, comparing the ratios of both bank, many more. This report analyses emerging trends and recommends steps that banks should consider for the future. The required data for the report are collected from secondary sources. One of the important objective for the report was to know about the impact of the bank merger on the Indian Economy. There have been several studies conducted to examine the bank merger impact by the secondary source, these studies, however, shows that different bank has different impact due to bank merger. The merger helps in reducing the weakness and gets a competitive edge in the market but if not executed properly then this may cause a great damage. During these studies it is found that if the merger is need then it should be executed in a proper way which leads the way to a trust and agreement between the organisations. As per now in 2020 the number of PSBs has got consolidated to 12 banks from 27 banks in the year 2017. In conclusion, it is found in this report that impact can be minimized, if the planning and executing of plan is done correct and proper way.

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