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Month [Year] -- October [2018]
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Kashmir is one of the most famous tourist destinations of India in the Himalayas. The Valley is filled with assorted rich tourism resources. For the sustainable use of these tourism resources, a proper tourism policy is requisite. Subsequently, the present study aims to examine government policy for the growth and development of tourism in Kashmir region; besides, the assessment of tourism potentials and tourist flow in Kashmir is added endeavor of the study. Desk research approach has been employed to accomplish to study objectives. According to the findings, ministry of tourism government of Jammu and Kashmir has framed a draft of tourism policy so far. The draft tourism policy constitutes developmental and promotional tactics forexisting and new forms of tourism, abiding the sustainable tourism approach, development of tourism infrastructure and human resource, ensuring safety and security, and encouraging tourism education within the state. Moreover, the state government is working hard to promote eco-tourism and offbeat tourist destinations in collaboration with several other concerned bodies. It has been observed that Kashmir valley is dotted with a number of tourist attractions and enables tour operators to rend diverse forms of tour packages to tourists.

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The ultimate aim of every business is to increase sales by finding out the factors that drive consumers’ buying decisions. Perception is the process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting or attaching meaning to events happening in environment. Hyundai Motor India Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor Company headquartered in South Korea. It is the second largest automobile manufacturer with seventeen per cent market share as of 2017 and 5.5 billion USD turn-over in India. The sample size used for the study is five hundred. Ten per cent of the population has been taken for the research as sample. The structured questionnaire was used to collect primary data. During the study it is found that Price plays an important role and influences the buying decision of consumers.