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Vol -  7, Issue- 1 ,         Page(s) : 22 - 28  (2016 ) DOI :


The genus Mucuna(Adans.) is a tropical leguminous creeper with a wide geographical and climatic distribution. These are self-pollinated crops (Duke, 1981) with chromosome number n=11 (Lackey, 1980) except for some species like M. benetti and M. gigantea which has n=14 (Sastrapradja et al. 1974). These plants find useful pharmaceutical reference in traditional texts of Sanskrit (Ayurveda), Urdu (Unani), British India and the Indian vernaculars. However, their taxonomic classification remains confused with conflicting, multiple synonyms being used by growers, collectors, scientists and governments in different parts of the world (Duke, 1981, Buckles, 1995).

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