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Volume -9 Issue - 6
Month [Year] -- June [2018]
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Women are pronounced power in Vedas of Indian history, the scenario of elevated respect towards them was magnificent. The day to day life denotes a diverse image though we render our attention and consideration for their ability in decision making process. They are admirable for the superlative success in various streams of education, research and in several, there is always a disparity in the approach and comprehends. Women as a part of society should be considered but sometimes it sways. The women representing downtrodden sector are also many a times victims of decisions framed by others the psychological and social aspects also persuade the ability of making decisions. The impact of decision making process among them that brings the variation and digression is implicit.

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Long Term Evolution (LTE) is developing as a major candidate for fourth generation (4G) cellular networks and is being modified by various cellular providers to increase the capacity and speed of mobile telephone networks. LTE is a part of 3GPP and it evolved from the UMTS technology. User channelization is used to enhance the diversity techniques in time varying channels. The major features that discriminate LTE from other technologies at the air interface are Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access OFDMA for the downlink transmission. OFDMA run into the LTE requirement for spectrum flexibility and enables cost-efficient solutions for very wide carriers with high peak rates. In this paper time variations of the frame are taken into considerations

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The purpose of this research is to hit upon mainly on the preference regarding cold drinks among the customers of Ahmedabad. This research has helped us to know about the perception of customers regarding different types of cold drinks available in the market. Once was a time when carbonated drinks were in high demand in the Indian market but with change in time and level of awareness in customers regarding side effects of consuming carbonated drinks has inspired us to conduct this research so we can come to know which type of cold drinks customers prefer. After conducting this research, we also came to know about various other factors which have affected the perception of the customers. The research helped us to understand the awareness level of the customers regarding side effects of consuming harmful cold drinks. This research enlightens us about the level of satisfaction of the consumers regarding various factors of cold drinks such as quality, quantity, price, etc. Consumers were also asked about the factors which may affect their decision to buy cold drinks. This research is very helpful to understand the changing taste of the consumers regarding cold drinks as well as the demand and expectations of the customers which can help the cold drinks companies to satisfy the consumers’ needs.