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Volume -9 Issue - 1
Month [Year] -- January [2018]
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Favouring a friend or family member over a capable candidate, commonly referred to as nepotism has always been the unspoken norm in big and small organizations alike. The purpose of this case is to shed light on cronyism, which specifically deals with the unfair assistance of friends over other candidates has been steadily increasing. This case revolves around one such event where two students go head to head for a coveted position in a prestigious organisation. One has the will and skill while another has a powerful friend. The case tries to give a realistic picture of how such an event may unfold in the real world. The implications of the case are widespread, both for young aspirants as well as for the organisation in terms of how to identify and prevent cronyism by nipping it in the bud.

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The fake' Shanzhai art is renowned throughout the world for its mass production of paintings and the cultural, ecological and other social concerns get a deaf ear. The earlier art was the creation of super intellectual ideas of human beings and after producing a piece of artifacts it was highlighting different perspectives of the said society and people were being involved to show their attitude towards the hidden appreciation in the arts.