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    Author(s):  NISHA BISHNOI  

The quality of education is one of the most important things for social development, technological advancement and scientific research. Education is vital social component in the development of the nation. TQM is newer but vital concept in education. Main principles of TQM were implemented in the planning and organization of various processes involved in education. It involves development of new methods of different activities involved in education, the establishment of their inter-relationship. Effective management of all the activities is essential for successful results. TQM is a culture that grows through continuous improvement. TQM consists of organization-wide efforts and an integrated system of principles, methods, and best practices to install and make a permanent climate or culture in which an organization continuously improves its ability to deliver high quality products and services to customers. With the help of TQM in education, the communication distance between student and teacher will disappear. Therefore, student and their self-confidence will increase within guidance. For TQM the thing is to catch the better of the good, not the perfect i.e. continuous improvement. Seeking to better is thinking and practicing process. Overall objective of this paper is to highlight the general principles of TQM involved and to point out how this approach has been and can be used to improve the quality of education. The paper attempts to theoretically conceptualize TQM in education system.

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