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    1 Author(s):  MD. FAIYAZ AHMAD

Vol -  9, Issue- 3 ,         Page(s) : 198 - 203  (2018 ) DOI :


Emerging market, dynamic growth, large and growing economy, and demography has left a gap in the system and it attracts exploration of opportunities to fill the gap in the form of entrepreneurship— idea to start-up. The entrepreneurship exploration and development has been neglected and overlooked since a very long time. This work aims to understand and develop a framework for analytics realities on “idea to start-up”. It is intended to create awareness for systematic and analytic approach that is very helpful for entrepreneurship among its aspirants. This report presents a systematic framework with set of skills acquired for betterment of entrepreneurship including— idea generation, idea analysis and validation, architect start-up, launch start-up, and project. This framework is very useful, practical, and applicable for entrepreneurship which includes process, steps, techniques, and scope for growth as well.

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