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    1 Author(s):  RAJASHIK SEN

Vol -  9, Issue- 1 ,         Page(s) : 389 - 399  (2018 ) DOI :


India is always regarded as a country which has a lot of potential and has a long history of cultural heritage but is looked upon as a nation which is not in the league of becoming something extra-ordinary. Indian culture is known for family values, communal bonding and admiration for elders. India represents a colorful mosaic of numeral people with their own culture, traditions, ethnicity, values, languages, religious viewpoint and cuisines. It represents the mixture of different cultures and the blend produced by it, is more gorgeous than the individual cultural components. The present India is a synthesis of all the good fundamentals taken from everywhere which had the capability to persuade and appeal to the logical and rational mind for peaceful coexistence. Indian values and traditions welcome other cultures and gives them complete freedom to circulate them among the people of India. This has also let too many tyrants and conquerors that invaded India and make a room for them in our history books.

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