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    2 Author(s):  R.VASANTHI, DR.R.BASKAR

Vol -  9, Issue- 2 ,         Page(s) : 98 - 107  (2018 ) DOI :


Recently the microbiologically induced calcite precipitation is a novel technique used in construction of buildings to prevent the structural damage and also to reduce the maintenance cost. Bacteria Bacillus Subtillis and the combined bacteria (Lactobacillus spp, Saccharomyces spp and Rhodopseudomonas spp) is a living organism and it precipitates the calcium carbonate and it gets deposited through the pores present inside concrete. The deposition of the calcite prevents the entry of oxygen, water and other aggressive gases through the voids present in the concrete specimen. This research paper showed that the improvement of durability, resistance of the penetration of chloride. Scanning Electron Microscopy, X-Ray Diffraction was studied. The conclusion of all the experiments viewed that the combined bacterial concrete specimen performance was better than that of the Bacillus Subtilis and normal concrete specimen

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