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    Author(s):  BINAY LAHA  

This is not quite difficult to have an introduction of Ashoka, the greatest king of Mauryan Empire but quite interesting to have an overview of transformation of a character without the downfall of his popularity as a king from Chandashoka to Dharmashoka. Transformation of Ashoka was such divinity that enshrines the light of humanism. To remind it at Florence, Italy while the entire age was prove to Renaissance. It was a psychological change of order that stimulates the surrounding through the light of humanism. There we have seen the revolution in the field of art, culture, sculpture, literature. Petrarch, Michaelangelo, Rephael have flooded their mastery of art which holds transformation. Leonardo-da-vince was another Renaissance man whose paintings 'The Last Supper and Mona Lisa' are masterpieces of art. The exchange of Ideas and transformation was equally important in the field of literature in English. The pattern of sonnet created by Italian sonneteer Petrarch did have a much greater impact on philip Sydney or in Edmund Spencer.

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